Lost & Found (Trailer)

The beautiful animated short films 'Lost & Found' and 'Varmints' by Studio AKA will be screening on November 1st at AUK in Kuwait...

Lost & Found


Crude (Trailer)

The first film of the 2010 season of The Green Caravan Film Festival in Kuwait
Tomorrow at 7:30 at the Kuwait Cinema Club (Qibliya School)

Earth Day Talk

Earth Day for us at Equilibrium was quite a treat! We were invited to speak at the American International School, Kuwait, and the students and staff could not have been more welcoming!

The Earth Day events took place in their huge and well managed auditorium and the teachers that organised the event were a pleasure to work with and are very truly dedicated to their students.

The event included videos and presentations prepared by the school and a talk about climate change by Equilibrium. It was especially touching to have some of the younger students come up after the talk to announce all the changes they would be making to help turn down the temperature on the planet they are inheriting.

We do these presentations because we cannot bear to think that we are handing over a planet so clearly in crisis to generations that aren't as prepared as they can be. We hope that being reminded by us and by their teachers, of the need to act, that they can start earlier than we did, and go further than we ever will to make the world more fair for everything living on it.


It's the day in the year where bloggers worldwide unite to spread word on a single topic and this year it's Climate Change.

As we approach the COP 15 conference in Copenhagen in Dec, we hear the last few voices of protest (some coming from our little spot on the planet) saying that they will act to delay any agreement that doesn't compensate them for the financial losses or decreasing oil production.

We cannot help but wonder what they will think when the more reasonable and ethical 'reparations' requests come knocking at their door; from the island nations that are disappearing, the countries being flooded, the 70% of the world to be affected by drought, the ice caps that are disappearing, the acidified waters, the increased health problems... All as a consequence of the runaway fossil fuel production and the refusal to implement solutions.

Clean, innovative, cooperative and renewable solutions to climate and the economy are not a loss proposal. It's a chance to renew and revitalize and recommit to a better world. There is no more room for the delayers and the self-centered among us to deny the rest of the world a solution to climate change.

For more on how big money has helped sink the planet read the new book: The Climate Cover-Up

To read an amazing account of the path to Kyoto and attempts to derail a climate treaty throughout the 90's read The Carbon War

You can watch climate change happening at Google Earth

You can get to know the IPPC who collect all the research and science done on climate change, study it, review it and then let us know what to expect. They won the 2007 Nobel peace prize and even their estimates have underestimated the speed and intensity of climate change consequences already happening.

Join 350.org, no more stalling, no more cover-ups there is no more time.

Facts and figures from the Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Waste Water and Pollution

The recent breakdown of the Mishref plant has the potential to cause massive damage to the ecosystem and to public health.

Untreated waste water contains pathogenic organisms that cause diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera and Dysentery.

The sea can handle small amounts of waste by breaking them down two ways:

1- Aerobic Oxidation: This is simply the breakdown of organic material (the waste) by microorganisms, in the presence of oxygen.

If there is too much waste, the oxygen is used up and we end up with zones where only smelly anaerobic microorganisms live. Fish and other sea creatures will die.

2- Anaerobic Decay: When organisms that do not require oxygen start to take over from those that require oxygen they turn wastes into ammonia , methane (major cause of Global Warming), hydrogen sulfide (the gas that smells like eggs). The smell is a good indicator that this process is taking place.

We have already exceeded pollution standards by over 200% in some areas since the Mishref plant broke down.

Untreated waste water contains not only human waste but all the chemicals we dump down the drains, from cleaning products and personal care products to all the medicines we ingest. So in this period when we are being asked by the authorities to limit our water use, we should also consider limiting all the chemicals we dump into our water system. It will only come back to haunt us and the most vulnerable members of society.

‘Massive fish kill feared from Mishref sewage plant failure’
Sewage crisis increasing marine pollution

And a response to the usual knee jerk clamor to privatize that usually spread like a fever here whenever any public utility faces a problem see this .

Equilibrium Interview

Go here for the rest of the article, and other related news.

Swine Flu

What is it?
The new strain is a combination of swine, avian (bird) and human influenza all rolled up into one deadly concoction.
The strain is named H1N1.

What is going on?
The World Health Organization has issued a "public health emergency" warning. This is because there is a worry that this strain may produce a pandemic.

Since March 2009 in Mexico over 1,000 people have been infected and up to 80 have died. It was when health authorities noticed the outbreak in the US that it became clear what was going on. So far, cases are concentrated in Mexico with cases in California and Texas and students in New York also infected. Students from New Zealand who were in Mexico were found to be carrying the virus, and have been quarantined. Montreal seems to have placed two people in isolation in a hospital after their visit to Mexico. Japan has started testing in airports .

How does it spread?
The way that other types of influenza do, through contact with those who have it. It can be transmitted from pigs to humans and from human to human. Human transmission is usually through coughing/sneezing or touching an infected person and then touching one's mouth or nose.

You cannot get it from eating pork.

What are the symptoms?
Flu like symptoms like aches, fever, lethargy and chills. Sometimes nausea and runny nose.

What to do if you fear you are in an area with an outbreak?
  1. Wash your hands well and often (especially before touching food or your face)
  2. Avoid busy public spaces.
  3. Go to get medical help as soon as symptoms appear, but remember there is no vaccine yet.
  • The nightmare that is possible when fear and panic lead to indefinite quarantine have been fictionalized in Jose Saramago's Blindness.
  • Follow the incidence of diseases worldwide on the HealthMap
  • The Huffington Post has a piece about how to prepare for a possible pandemic of Swine Flu.
Related Reading/Viewing list:


The Great Influenza: The story of the deadliest pandemic in history

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

America's Forgotten Pandemic: The Influenza of 1918


Secrets of the Dead: Killer Flu

What are you doing for Earth Hour?

All team members at Equilibrium will be turning off anything on standby like computers, dvd players, TVs. But we do that anyway because we are vampire killers :)

We will also be turning off all our lights and enjoying our amazing solar powered LED Flashlights from SunNight Solar.

We cannot stop gushing about these.. They need so little light to charge and they last and last and last... And not only that but you can buy one and have one (or more) sent to Gaza.

Here is some brief info on what is happening around the country.


We had a tip from a reader, Simon Owens, that lead us to the World Water Day pages that Good magazine put together.. They re-imagined classic films that would be completely different had clean water not been available..They also have a disturbing but pretty chart that shows us how much water we waste in everyday activities from washing to eating a burger..Now have a look at this:

Happy World Water Day

...and boy do we need a day where water is brought to our attention.

"1.8 million people die every year from diarrhoeal diseases (including cholera); 90% are children under 5, mostly in developing countries." WHO

Give Water

27 thousand people have been meeting to discuss water and the many crises that stem from its misuse, abuse and scarcity.

Water rights activists criticized the meeting saying:
"We demand that the allocation of water be decided in an open, transparent and democratic forum rather than in a trade show for the world's large corporations,"AFP
The meeting has unfortunately come out with a statement that calls water a 'need' rather than a 'right'... Both of which have different consequences for the world. Global Issues explains the problems for you.

ENN has more facts for you while World Changing has a roundup of Water news some of which are quirky and interesting, others more serious.The ICRC wants to ensure water for civilians caught in conflict zones.

Take a look at what one little boy (now a young man) did to get water to people in need: Ryan's Well

How can we help?

1- Stop wasting water - When we shower, brush our teeth, wash our cars, wash our floors, etc...

2- Filter our tap water and enjoy municipal water instead of bottled water that is in unhealthy/ eco-nightmare plastic anyway.

3- Avoid using chemical fertilisers, avoid disposing of things down the drain.

4- Get a waterless toilet system.

5- Insist that our representatives make clean affordable water a right for all, and that they have regulations to stop water waste and contamination.

6- Have a garden? Landscape the Xeriscape way

6- Help organizations that ensure clean water and water saving projects:

Water Aid
Water Partners
Conservation International
Surfrider Foundation

Things to See

Equilibrium team members were out to explore the exhibitions taking place in Kuwait this week and we liked what we saw:

The KASA Exhibition at the Corniche Club showcases some impressive design projects from the Kuwait Architectural Students Association.

We loved seeing the sustainable designs students came up with. Great work!

It will be on till the 20th of March so go encourage our new generation of designers and architects and artists.

Here are some photos:

We also enjoyed the Exhibition about the 'Quest for Water in Kuwait' and 'Ma' Sabil' presented by Dar Al-Athar and held at the American Hospital.

If you love vintage photographs of old Kuwait and are history buffs you will like the exhibition. Its not flashy and its not high tech but its interesting.

That is going on till the 27th of March.

Water being delivered in the old town

The first Desalination Plant

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